Breaking News ; Sound can travel beyond c with optical, microwave, and electrical pulses, setting the stage for next gen Internet beyond 6G/WiFi6 transfer of data

Concepts and Theories

What is Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Anti-Matter?

What then is Reverse Matter? What is Dark Energy?
It is the decay of Dark Matter and Antimatter.

If we travel faster than the speed of light, it is possible to crack the time/space concept and into another dimension in Space/Time. Where black holes are gateway to another dimension where dark matter, antimatter and reverse matter exists. The dimensions of Heaven/Hell are thru the eye of a needle and they exist since the beginning of Time. 

 time dilation, which describes how time runs more slowly for objects moving very rapidly. If you flew on a rocket traveling 90 percent of light-speed, the passage of time for you would be halved. Your watch would advance only 10 minutes, while more than 20 minutes would pass for an Earthbound observer.

You would also experience some strange visual consequences. One such consequence is called aberration, and it refers to how your whole field of view would shrink down to a tiny, tunnel-shaped “window” out in front of your spacecraft. This happens because photons (those exceedingly tiny packets of light) — even photons behind you — appear to come in from the forward direction. In addition, you would notice an extreme Doppler effect, which would cause light waves from stars in front of you to crowd together, making the objects appear blue. Light waves from stars behind you would spread apart and appear red. The faster you go, the more extreme this phenomenon becomes until all visible light from stars in front of the spacecraft and stars to the rear become completely shifted out of the known visible spectrum (the colors humans can see). When these stars move out of your perceptible wavelength, they simply appear to fade to black or vanish against the background.

First of all,it is essential to know the basis differences between light and sound. While sound is a longitudinal waves(the disturbances parallel to the direction of sound travel,essentially in the form of compression and rarefaction of air/any medium it propagates in), light is transverse in nature meaning the disturbances in the form of electromagnetism are perpendicular to direction light travels in. Again, while light does not need a medium to travel(can travel in vacuum, as in case of from sun to earth), sound does require a medium to travel in because sound waves travel by virtue of actual physical disturbances in the medium.
When we talk about speeds of two different kinds of waves, we must also tell the medium in which speed is to be measured. Light travels fastest in vacuum(an astounding 299792458 meters per sec), slower in air. Sound waves can not travel in vacuum,but in air it’s speed is around 330 meters per sec. For speeds of waves, there are actually formulae to give us speeds.

Robertson and his colleagues transmitted sound pulses from the sound card through a loop made from PVC plumbing pipe and connectors from a hardware store. This loop split up and then recombined the tiny waves making up each pulse.

This led to a curious result. When looking at a pulse that entered and then exited the pipe, before the peak of the entering pulse even got into the pipe, the peak of the exiting pulse had already left the pipe.

If the velocities of each of the waves making up a sound pulse in this setup are taken together, the “group velocity” of the pulse exceeded c.

“I believe that this is the first experimental demonstration of sound going faster than light,” Robertson said. Past research has proven it possible to transmit electrical and even light pulses with group velocities exceeding c.

Common thing?

Robertson explained this faster-than-light acoustic effect is likely commonplace but imperceptible.

“The loop filter that we used splits and then recombines sound along two unequal length paths,” he said. “Such ‘split-path’ interference occurs frequently in the everyday world.”

For example: “When a sound source is located near a hard wall, some sound reaches the listener directly from the source whereas some sound travels the longer path that bounces the sound off the wall. The sounds recombine at the listener,” Robertson said. However, the weakness of the signals and the fact that any resultant differences in timing are very slight “mean that we would never be able to hear this effect.”

None of the individual waves making up the sound pulses traveled faster than c. In other words, Einstein’s theory of relativity was preserved. This means one could not, for instance, shout a message faster than light.

Still, this research might have engineering applications. Robertson explained that although it is not possible to send information faster than light, it seems these techniques could make it possible to route slower-than-light signals in electronic circuits faster than before.

I have studied the technical specs and I need the ability to travel at speeds beyond the speed of light for data transfer in order to link all the exchanges of the world together and present technologies is too expensive. Sound using next gen WiFi, Powerlines with GRID, fibre optics is the medium for data transmission beyond the speed of light.

Contributed by Oogle.

PS Beyond Einstein’s Unified Theory, all the clues are found here, you need to travel beyond the speed of light to find the answers, I will never release it until I get my way.

Cyber Security Hacks for the Next Generation Internet

If you want Total Security, Do not then connect to the Internet, everything can be compromised even with the latest Technologies, it is how you minimise the risks.

!) Do not use websites that display your credit card details in plain text, all websites need to encrpyt or hide the credit card details as a basic requirement to ecommerce, or use Paypal as a payment service to store your credit card information.

2) All browsers can be compromised especially running java, where a smart programmer who knows what you use can compromise passwords and login IDs to websites.

3) For Next Generation Internet, it is possible to run programs to embed codes into pictures and videos, upon loading by the browser to steal information but I know nobody in the world knows how to do it except me but I am not a programmer, I just test software for vulnerabilities and warn others about it.

4) Those who have the computing power can hack using brute force into WPA3 for WiFi 6, and also do likewise for plain text IDs and password of websites. Encryption technology is a deterent with 2048 bits but not forever.

5) With Intelligent Matrix Routing, you can control how a person accesses the Next Gen Internet with NAT, it is also possible to track and block and deny access using IDs or facial recognition.

6) Firewalls are no longer a deterent against intrusion, it is now possible to scan all the ports it uses and find all the vulnerabilities by studying the protocol it uses.

7) Softwares using AI now automates all processes, data can be collected to analyse all the vulnerabilities of a network, even if it is the dark web, sites can appear and disappear, unless you know the exact IP to enter.

8) A Central database of all qualified personnel who learns about and is certified in all technologies related to secret banking access has to be monitored in case of breech, and so are programmers who works for ecommerce or payment projects of high profile banks.

9) Identity Theft is possible using IRIS or Fingerprint technology, but Facial recognition CCTV cameras make it almost impossible to get away without leaving your footprint.

10) Temporary folders, cookies and containers for IDs and password are risks where a compromised website collects data using java and php/html5 coding, an expert programmer will study all your details of your browser and trick you on the sites you visits as you can be easily tracked on the Internet, and compromise you.

11) App developers hide keystroke and spy applications like Spyzie to monitor and analyse customer’s behavior without the customer knowing. Even your location and demographics can be compromised and tracked. 

– Contributed by Oogle.

The Future of Wifi mesh as a utility network like electricity grid

Monday, Aug 20, 2012

PARIS – Wireless routers for homes and offices could be knitted together to provide a communications system for emergency responders if the mobile phone network fails, German scientists reported on Monday.
In many countries, routers are so commonplace even in medium-sized towns that they could be used by fire services, ambulance and police if cellphone towers and networks are down or overwhelmed by people caught up in an emergency, they say.
Kamill Panitzek and colleagues at the Technical University in Darmstadt, western Germany, walked around their city centre to pinpoint the location – but without invading privacy – of wireless routers.
In an area of just 0.5 square kilometres (0.19 square miles), using an Android application to locate wireless networks, they found 1,971 routers of which 212 were public routers, meaning they were non-encrypted.
This rich density means that an emergency network could piggyback on nearby routers, giving first responders access to the Internet and contact with their headquarters.
“With a communication range of 30 metres (yards), a mesh network could be easily constructed in urban areas like our hometown,” say the team, whose mathematical model is published in the International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation.
The team suggest that routers incorporate an emergency “switch” that responders can activate to set up a backup network, thus giving them a voice and data link through the Internet.
This could be done quite easily without impeding users or intruding on their privacy, the study argues. Many routers already have a “guest” mode, meaning a supplementary channel that allows visitors to use a home’s wifi.
“The emergency switch would enable an open guest mode that on the one hand protects people’s privacy, and on the other hand makes the existing communications resources available to first responders,” says the paper.
The population of Darmstadt is 142,000. The location scanned in the study comprised a rectangle of streets in the city centre, covering 467,500 square metres (558,500 square yards).
When the mobile networks are down, all cellular devices have an emergency call feature that can be turned on to access the Wifi network instead, giving vital communications of voice and data while during an emergency, it is even possible in future to treat these Wifi mesh networks as an utility network where owners can derive benefits for those who use their networks.
– Contributed by Oogle.

To enable faster processing in gene sequencing, you need Software Tools to program in multicore

By Robert Langreth and Ryan Flinn – Oct 4, 2012 12:01 PM GMT+0800
Gene sequencing can speed the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders in newborns and find causes of mental retardation in cases with unknown origins, according to two studies that move DNA mapping closer to clinical use.
Researchers at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri, scanned the DNA of sick infants using a new speed-reading method to diagnose rare genetic illnesses in two days instead of weeks, results published in Science Translational Medicine found. Dutch scientists reported in the New England Journal of Medicine how they found genetic answers for 16 of 100 patients with mental retardation of unknown cause.
The new research supports an effort to bring gene- sequencing technology, mostly used in academic, government and company laboratories, into hospitals and doctors’ offices for diagnostic purposes. The studies were made possible in part by technology from San Diego-based Illumina Inc. (ILMN) and Carlsbad, California-based Life Technologies Corp. (LIFE), the two biggest makers of gene-sequencing machines.
“This is the biggest breakthrough in this technology for clinical applications we have seen in a few years,” said David Dimmock, a geneticist at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, about the study of newborns. “The ability to sequence and interpret a genome in less than week is huge.”
The researchers at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinicscreated software that takes raw data from DNA scanning machines and combs though hundreds of genetic disorders to spot disease- causing mutations. The system provided likely diagnoses for three of four sick babies in about two days.

Practical Use

The new method has the potential to make genome sequencing practical for neonatal intensive care units, enabling doctors to diagnose mysterious genetic diseases more quickly, said Stephen Kingsmore, director of the Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine at Children’s Mercy and a study senior author. Fast diagnoses of sick babies may lead to life-extending treatments sooner in some or help avoid futile, costly therapies in others.
Dimmock, who wasn’t involved in the study, said researchers at his institution were working on a similar fast genome interpretation system, but hadn’t published the results yet. “They beat us to the punch,” he said.
The colossal volume of raw data generated from gene sequencing must be analyzed by expert genetic researchers, a process that previously has taken weeks or months.

Smart Software

Kingsmore and his team tackled that issue by devising smart software that allows treating doctors to enter in a sick baby’s symptoms. The software then matches these reported symptoms to known genetic diseases that have similar symptoms, and scans through the baby’s genome results for likely harmful mutations in relevant genes.
“We think this is going to transform the world of neonatology,” Kingsmore said during a conference call with reporters. “Until now, this was just not possible” to get whole genome scan results quickly enough to help sick newborns in intensive care units, he said. “Babies either died or else got better and were discharged home before the results of a gene test were returned.”
For cases in which treatments are available, spotting the cause of a disease sooner may allow treatments to be started before it is too late, he said. Kingsmore estimated the total cost of the test to be about $13,500.

More Data

The software so far includes 600 genetic diseases that affect children, Kingsmore said in a telephone interview. His team plans to have all 3,500 genetic diseases where the precise genetic cause is known entered in the system by the end of the year. There are thousands more genetic diseases where the causes are still unknown.
The projected two-day turnaround for the test doesn’t include the time to express-mail DNA samples to Illumina and for the company to send back the results on a hard drive. Including this transit time, the process took about a week, Kingsmore said. Kingsmore said he hopes to achieve the two-day time after Children’s Mercy gets its own copy of the new Illumina machine later this fall.
Though results from the newborn study “push the envelope,” the two-day turnaround represented a “best-case scenario,” that is unlikely to be achieved in most real-world circumstances, said Wendy Chung, a molecular and clinical geneticist at Columbia University.
A more realistic time for genome results would be a week, given practical considerations such as the fact that most hospital labs close over the weekend, she said. This still would be a big improvement over current methods, she said.

Few Solutions

Chung also cautioned that there only are a minority of cases in which super-fast gene scans will lead to life-saving treatments. Most severe genetic diseases don’t have good treatments, and the ones that do often can be diagnosed by other methods that don’t require every gene to be scanned.
The study was sponsored by Children’s Mercy and the Marion Merrell Dow Foundation. Illumina provided free DNA sequencing for the babies in the study and several of the company’s researchers were co-authors on the study.
In a separate study, Dutch scientists sequenced the genomes of 100 individuals with mental retardation with no known cause and found genetic reasons for 16 of them.
While more than 400 genetic mutations are known to cause intellectual disability, they are responsible for less than half of the cases, said Han Brunner, a study author and head of human genetics at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

Improved Diagnoses

The study shows how gene sequencing can improve diagnosis in patients with mental disabilities. Knowing the genetic origin can help patients and families understand the prognoses and may lead to specific treatment options, the authors said in the study.
“Half of the children and adults with intellectual disability never have an explanation of why they are retarded — that’s a big problem,” leading many parents on a quest to numerous doctors looking for answers, Brunner said in a telephone interview. “This is what people call the diagnostic odyssey, and people can put that to rest,” by using genetic sequencing, he said.
Researchers scanned the DNA of children with mental retardation, defined as having an IQ of less than 50, as well as their parents, and looked for differences. While all children have some mutations, few lead to intellectual disability, Brunner said. Once the culprits are known, it can help direct some therapies or dietary changes.
“We had two cases where the type of mutation would suggest that you might try a treatment for a
metabolic disorder, and another with epilepsy,” he said.

For instance, patients with a mutation in the PDHA1 gene would benefit from a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat, and those with SCN2A mutation should avoid sodium-channel blockers to better control their epileptic episodes and improve cognitive function, according to the study, which was sponsored by the European Union.
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Typical processes for programming multitasking

Typical processes for programming multitasking

A person who travels from Outram MRT to Boon Keng MRT this is what will happen ;

Camera 1
Scans customer facial features
Gate 1 (Entrance)-Outram MRT
Customer taps card at Gate 1 where his details is captured
Train XYZ arrives
Now there will be a separate process to control the movement, stopping, door opening and closing of the train which I will not elaborate because it will complicates the programming.
Camera 2 (At train entrance)
If customer leaves train platform and head for an authorised exit, the security warning will sound, if not, process will continue 
Customer enters train and train door closes, makes announcement before it leaves the platform

At Boon Keng MRT train arrives
Camera 3 (At train entrance)
Scans customer who will leave the train exit
Customer will leave the train and head for the exit
Camera 4 (At train exit)
Scans customer who will leave by the gates
Gate 2 (Exit)-Boon Keng MRT
Customer taps card and the amount of the trip is deducted

End of process.

This is a typical very basic scenerio which needs to be documented so that when you start programming, you will know exactly if there are mistakes and start troubleshooting. If such a view you do not have, you will screw up everything and nothing will come to completion. The security camera operation is 100% more complicated and if you do not have all the processes, you can not separate the tasks for multicore processing and everything will come out garbage like Windows XP or 7. Imagine if every entrance is monitored, how many camera will there be in a station?
Figure how complex is the program if you need to monitor every facial expression, voice recognition with routines for every passenger, break points to run other processes and almost a million passengers, at every camera point. Without research and funds, there will be no solutions because you need to separate trillions of processes between hundreds of the fastest computers in a server farm, no one in america is capable to assemble the lines of code and processes. Not only that, I need to invent intelligent programming with intelligent OS then I have the capability to solve this enormous task. Even the present hardware cannot handle the tasks. This is as complicated as linking all the worldwide exchanges together, america do not have the technology now. You need to monitor every single process for multitasking and proper execution of codes until completion with error correction and loops, with the ability to lock your threads, and nobody has invented this yet. America cannot trick me to review my secrets because you need to invent 100s of new technologies to achieve my goals, it will take another 200 years, nobody can play games with me.
I can easily breakdown any processes, separate and reassemble anything I want into multiple views and scenerios, even black boxes, creating my own technologies.

– Contributed by Oogle.

CSI investigation by tracking and monitoring usage to detect unusual activity, where it is possible to identify using the digital footprint

Saturday, Oct 20, 2012

SINGAPORE – A woman who had close to $7,000 stolen from her bank account can heave a sigh of relief as the bank has agreed to help compensate for her loss, Lianhe Wanbao reported on Friday.
United Overseas Bank has agreed to pay Madam Lee back after funds from her account were illegally withdrawn from an automatic teller machine (ATM) in the Philippines.
According to the Chinese daily, someone had withdrawn money from the account about 20 times on October 14 and 15. The amount taken out each time was about $300.
It is believed that information had been stolen by a card-reading device when the card was used in Singapore.
A fraudulent card was then created with the stolen information and used at an ATM in the Philippines.
Security measures put in place earlier this year in response to a largescale DBS ATM fraud case had made it more difficult for ATM cards to be used overseas.
However, the victim had earlier applied for her card to be used overseas.
A spokesperson from UOB told Lianhe Wanbao that Madam Lee was notified of the discrepancy as soon as unusual activity was detected.
UOB also said that it held the security of bank accounts with high regard, and advised all bank account holders to change their personal identification numbers regularly to protect themselves from theft and mischief.
CSI investigation by tracking and monitoring usage to detect unusual activity, where it is possible to identify using the ATM’s CCTV, the criminal would have left evidence of a digital nature while using the forged ATM card, the evidence can be found on the magnetic stripe, which will be similar to the skimming machine, and can be traced back via the database of the bank’s customer usage, the breakdown of the tables of the database holds the key, it is therefore possible to spot the difference between the original and the duplicate, by looking into the digital footprint which will defer from the original, and the exact breakdown of when the breech occur at which ATM branch, by comparing the date, time of all digital footprints. The work is like tracing a bullet that is fired to which gun, and there is only one match. The trick is to look at the molecular breakdown of the media.
– Contributed by Oogle.

How to tighten security on your computer

How to tighten security on your computer

1) Your browser is the greatest security threat if you are using IE as one can attack you using active X, if you are using other browsers, your add-on is also a way to compromise your pc, there are so many ways to trick you to access your cache data from your browser which contains your ID and password, even your temporary files of your browser can be easily compromised.

2) The greatest security flaw is for webmasters to embed codes into your pictures and videos which you download from their webpages, it is a known fact among the elite, which can easily extract info from your computer, if the person wants to furthur his agenda, there is no way you can stop him, because there is no defence.

3) For SSL security, everything is encrypted when you download from a secure website, which it is almost impossible to hack, there is a risk of man-in-the-middle attack if you security token is not high enough, my advice is use the highest encryption possible, so if they are able to intercept, they will not be able to unencrypt. Even for a secure website, sometimes website do not secure their database, where their database ID, password is exposed, it is possible then to compromise, I can attack the database without using their webpages, and exposed the tables and its contents.

4) It is possible to hide your DNS servers against DDOS attack, the trick is not to accept connections from suspected IPs, so it is possible to have a database of IPs that will reject connections, you can query an IP address before you accept connections, it is even possible to have a DNS server to be only visible to a range of IP address, so that those on the list can see the DNS server and accept connections, the domain names are linked to a specified IP, or can be fowarded to a secure zone which only accept specific range of IPs, the idea is to automate the processes that only allow the DNS server to be visible on a certain time frame for access eg during the promotion of an event.   

5) The greatest security secret is that powerline technology if you do not encrypt your powerline, it can be compromised without anybody knowing, nobody wants to tell you the truth, and if you are doing secret research work, it will be easy prey.

6) The highest level of security for antivirus software at present is found in Norton 360, which will stop the virus on its tracks once it is detected as a threat, which most other vendor’s antivirus will only stop the threat after the damage is done, others compare it with a known database, if it is unknown the virus will not be detected.  

I will not show you exactly the method of penetration, as I do not believe in ethical hacking, by giving the public the method I will create a huge number of hackings, will I do not want, the best is to leave it to security experts to find out what I am talking about. Even without source codes I can monitor and observe all the processes, the applications it spurs, and the results with great accuracy to find all the answers I need. Use XP as a base to observe all the functions in Maintenance and Admin Tools, Windows Task Manager, Msconfig, all the processes, the different apps it spurs, to know what I am talking about, because with Windows7, everything is hidden. Every application I want to learn, is naked before my eyes, and after 10 years of learning, everything becomes chicken feet. 
– Contributed by Oogle